ࡱ> ced %bjbj 8T33333GGGG,sG0.$ ///////14\/3444/33/   4:33/ 4/  ,W.DKPyGnF{-//00-464(W.43W.P0vT D>000//6000044444000000000 : Rehabilitation 4700 Syllabus University of North Texas Spring 2009 Dr. Zach Sneed Course Title: Employment Services Course Number: RHAB 4700 Credit: 3 hours Location: Online, UNT Blackboard Professor: Zach Sneed, PhD, CRC Assistant Professor Department of Rehabilitation, Social work & Addictions Office: Chilton Hall, 238L Phone: 565-4938 Email: Zach.Sneed@ unt.edu Office Hours: Wednesdays 10:00 12:00 or by appointment The Department of Rehabilitation, Social Work, and Addictions is committed to full academic access for all qualified students, including those with disabilities. In keeping with this commitment and in order to facilitate equality of educational access, faculty members in the department will make reasonable accommodations for qualified students with a disability, such as appropriate adjustments to the classroom environment and the teaching, testing, or learning methodologies when doing so does not fundamentally alter the course. If you have a disability, it is your responsibility to obtain verifying information from the Office of Disability Accommodation (ODA) and to inform me of your need for an accommodation. Requests for accommodation must be given to me no later than the first week of classes for students registered with the ODA as of the beginning of the current semester. If you register with the ODA after the first week of classes, your accommodation requests will be considered after this deadline. Grades assigned before an accommodation is provided will not be changed. Information about how to obtain academic accommodations can be found in UNT Policy 18.1.14, at www.unt.edu/oda, and by visiting the ODA in Room 321 of the University Union. You also may call the ODA at 940.565.4323. Textbook: Szymanski, E. M. & Parker, R. M. (2003). Work and disability: Issues and strategies in career development and job placement. (2nd Ed.). Austin: ProEd. Course description: This course is designed to provide knowledge and practical application of the development and implementation of employment plans. Information and skill building are provided on sources of occupational information and methods involved in job analysis, labor market analysis, job placement, and job development. Emphasis is on programs and methods that promote community-integrated employment for persons with significant disabilities. Course objectives: Upon completion of this course, students should be able: A.To develop an awareness of the world of work and the role environmental factors play.B.To develop a working knowledge of legislation relevant to the employment of persons with disabilities.C.To demonstrate the ability to utilize theories of career development, assessment information, and informed choice to assist an individual in choosing a job.D.To demonstrate the ability to conduct community job analyses.E.To demonstrate the ability to conduct a labor market surveyF.To demonstrate the ability to develop an employment plan that considers the needs of the individual, including financial issues such as social security.G.To develop competency in job seeking skills to assist individuals in getting a job.H.To develop knowledge of disability accommodation, career development interventions, assistive technology, and other supports to assist individuals in keeping a job. I.To demonstrate knowledge of job development strategies and marketing skills.J.Demonstrate the ability to plan, organize, prepare and present a comprehensive job placement plan focusing on consumer choice and strengths.K.To demonstrate the ability to work as a part of an interdisciplinary team in developing and implementing vocational goals. Academic Honesty Acts of academic dishonesty for which students are subject to discipline falls into the following categories: Academic dishonesty - cheating. The term "cheating" includes, but is not limited to: Use of any unauthorized assistance in taking quizzes, tests, or examinations; Dependence upon the aid of sources beyond those authorized by the instructor in writing papers, preparing reports, solving problems, or carrying out other assignments; The acquisition, without permission, of tests, notes or other academic material belonging to a faculty or staff member of the University; Dual submission of a paper or project, or resubmission of a paper or project to a different class without express permission from the instructor(s); Any other act designed to give a student an unfair advantage. Academic dishonesty - plagiarism. The term "plagiarism" includes, but is not limited to: The knowing or negligent use by paraphrase or direct quotation of the published or unpublished work of another person without full and clear acknowledgement and/or The knowing or negligent unacknowledged use of materials prepared by another person or by an agency engaged in the selling of term papers or other academic materials. Attendance & Participation: Attendance is very important This course relies upon the use of discussions, exercises, and activities to ensure that students grasp the material. Thus, the importance of participation and attendance cannot be understated. Your participation is demonstrated through conscientious preparation for class. This occurs through completion of scheduled readings, discussion boards, assessments and assignments that convey your perspective on the topic under discussion. Please feel free to ask questions and seek clarification. Grading: Grades will follow UNT standards. Late work will be deducted points. Late work is defined as any work turned in after the cutoff date/time on the day it is due. If a test is missed, it is the students responsibility to collaborate with the instructor regarding the possibility of make-up exam. Please discuss any difficulties with Dr. Sneed before you drop the course. Grades will be reported on a point system. The total points will determine your class letter grade. Please prepare for class by reading the material in advance, be prepared to ask questions and discuss topics in class. Grading Structure Tests (2):  200 points A: 400 360Quizzes (8):80 pointsB: 359 320Assignments: 120 pointsC: 319 280Total:400 pointsD: 279 240F: Less than 239 Tests: There will be two tests in this course, a midterm and a final examination. Material for the tests and final exam are drawn from assigned readings, lectures, and weekly assignments. Quizzes & Assignments: There will be several assignments and discussion boards throughout the semester. Instructions and grading rubrics will be distributed throughout the semester. Reading: Please do not procrastinate, keep up with the reading - it will be difficult for you to participate in discussions if you are behind. Please follow the schedule. We may briefly fall behind from time to time, but will quickly catch up. Writing: All assignments and papers must be typed or word-processed. Margins may be no wider than 1 inch on each side and 1 inch top/bottom. Please use the Times New Roman font with a size of 12. Also please double-space your work. Assignments and reports that do not conform to these standards will be returned to the student for corrections and graded as late. Other Policies: Grades will only be revealed in a manner consistent with University policies that protect the identity of students. Professional demeanor is expected at all times. Disruptive behavior in class will not be tolerated. Incompletes will only be given in accordance with University policies after completion of 70% of the course. 7BRS`wu z $%;<IJPQRabeºwh0o6B*\phh(Ld6B*\phh(Ldh(Ld6B*\ph h(Ldh(LdhcddhMh4b5 hM5 h(Ldh4bh(Ldh(Ld6 hM6 h(LdhEh hh=MhUhZ$IfSkdi$$If0+622 l4al Z$Ifgdu&<$IfSkd$$If0+622 l4al  MNQISkd;$$If0+622 l4alZ$If<$IfSkd$$If0+622 l4al*+.ISkd $$If0+622 l4alZ$If<$IfSkd$$If0+622 l4al125ISkd$$If0+622 l4alZ$If<$IfSkdv$$If0+622 l4alISkd$$If0+622 l4alZ$If<$IfSkdH$$If0+622 l4alkg & F pWZ-DM ^`Zgd0oZ-DM `Zgd0oV-DM `Vgd0ogd0oSkd$$If0+622 l4alcja\S`gd0ogd0o$ & F pdd-DM [$\$^`gd0o & F p-DM ^`gd0oV-DM `Vgd0o$ & F pWVdd-DM [$\$^`Vgd0o$ & F pWWdd-DM [$\$^W`gd0o ij *CG        ! & ( ) * 6 7 8 @ A B D E G J M ָ֭֭xhWh5hWh5\h,#b hV+hh hh85\ hh85hWh0o5hzC hV+h0ohWh0o5\hZvh\h0o5hh-ph0oh-pmH sH hN4h0omH sH hN4h0o5mH sH  hnh0o/     tkbk $IfgdzC $Ifgd)uknkd$$IfTl t0644 layth8T $$Ifa$gd)uk`gd0ogd0o    ) * 7 A I@7 $Ifgd)uk $Ifgdkd$$IfTlFv  t06    44 layth8T $$Ifa$gdh8 $$Ifa$gd)uk $Ifgd0oA N O ] h u ^UL $Ifgdh8 $Ifgd)ukkd$$IfTlFv  t06    44 layth8T $$Ifa$gdh8M N O Z ] ^ _ h i k n r t u v }  !J!l!n!o!p!q!w!z!!!½h h5 h*5huMh55 h55 huM5hh0oheF h-h0o h0o5 h0o5\hWh\ hN45 hh85hWh5hh8h]hN4 hV+hhWh5\6u v } jaXL $$Ifa$gdh8 $Ifgd,#b $Ifgd)ukkd_$$IfTlFv  t06    44 layth8T jaaU $$Ifa$gdh8 $Ifgd)ukkd$$IfTlFv  t06    44 layth8T jaaU $$Ifa$gd)uk $Ifgd)ukkd$$IfTlFv  t06    44 layth8T o!p!!("j^YTEEE$[$\$a$gduMgduMgd0o 1$5$7$8$H$gd0okdW$$IfTlFv  t06    44 layth8T!!!!"%"(")"0"1"2""" #!#"###*#+#,#$$$y%z%%% h5h h0oKHhh0oh7mh0o5KH h0o5h7mh0o5 hw5hrhhw(")"2"!###,#$$$%%%%%%%%%%%x[$\$^`gdXgd0o1$5$7$8$H$`gd0o 1$5$7$8$H$gd0o1$5$7$8$H$`gduM$[$\$a$gduM%%%%%gd0o6&P1h:pB/ =!@"@#$@% g$$If!vh55)#v#v):V 6522 l4 alg$$If!vh55)#v#v):V 6522 l4 alg$$If!vh55)#v#v):V 6522 l4 alg$$If!vh55)#v#v):V 6522 l4 alg$$If!vh55)#v#v):V 6522 l4 alg$$If!vh55)#v#v):V 6522 l4 alg$$If!vh55)#v#v):V 6522 l4 alg$$If!vh55)#v#v):V 6522 l4 alg$$If!vh55)#v#v):V 6522 l4 alg$$If!vh55)#v#v):V 6522 l4 alg$$If!vh55)#v#v):V 6522 l4 al$$If!vh5Q#vQ:V l t06,5yth8T$$If!vh555o#v#v#vo:V l t06,5yth8T$$If!vh555o#v#v#vo:V l t06,5yth8T$$If!vh555o#v#v#vo:V l t06,5yth8T$$If!vh555o#v#v#vo:V l t06,5yth8T$$If!vh555o#v#v#vo:V l t06,5yth8T$$If!vh555o#v#v#vo:V l t06,5yth8T^ 2 0@P`p2( 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p8XV~_HmH nH sH tH @`@ NormalCJ_HaJmH sH tH JJ 0o Heading 2$@&5CJOJQJ\^JDA D Default Paragraph FontVi@V  Table Normal :V 44 la (k (No List B^@B Normal (Web)dd[$\$6U6 Hyperlink >*B*phJJ 4b subtitle15CJOJQJ\aJo(phJ!J 0oHeading 2 Char5OJQJ\^JaJTC2T 0oBody Text Indenthx^h OJQJaJNAN 0oBody Text Indent Char CJOJQJjSj x Table Grid7:V0PK![Content_Types].xmlj0Eжr(΢Iw},-j4 wP-t#bΙ{UTU^hd}㨫)*1P' ^W0)T9<l#$yi};~@(Hu* Dנz/0ǰ $ X3aZ,D0j~3߶b~i>3\`?/[G\!-Rk.sԻ..a濭?PK!֧6 _rels/.relsj0 }Q%v/C/}(h"O = C?hv=Ʌ%[xp{۵_Pѣ<1H0ORBdJE4b$q_6LR7`0̞O,En7Lib/SeеPK!kytheme/theme/themeManager.xml M @}w7c(EbˮCAǠҟ7՛K Y, e.|,H,lxɴIsQ}#Ր ֵ+!,^$j=GW)E+& 8PK!Ptheme/theme/theme1.xmlYOo6w toc'vuر-MniP@I}úama[إ4:lЯGRX^6؊>$ !)O^rC$y@/yH*񄴽)޵߻UDb`}"qۋJחX^)I`nEp)liV[]1M<OP6r=zgbIguSebORD۫qu gZo~ٺlAplxpT0+[}`jzAV2Fi@qv֬5\|ʜ̭NleXdsjcs7f W+Ն7`g ȘJj|h(KD- dXiJ؇(x$( :;˹! 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