Winter 2009

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Winter 2009

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The Institute Brief, Issue 25, December 2008

Supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Quality Employment Practices

Institute for Community Inclusion

Newsletter discusses individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), including those with significant impairment or who have behaviors that others find challenging, and appropriate supports they can be given so they can work.Includes topics such as a good job match, communication, sensory, social, and organizational demands (ensuring adequate structure, routine, and predictability), and the role of employment specialist in supporting the job. Suggests job development strategies and accommodations. Includes worksheet with ten preliminary questions to ask about employment supports for an individual with ASD.

Hard Copy - 36 p.

Digital Library - J002.0001.01



Rehabilitation Administration Literatures: 30+ Years of Role and Function

Riggar, T. F., Southern Illinois University, 2007

Updated bibliography of literature on the traditional areas of rehabilitation, administrative theory, pro0fessional management, personal concerns, fiscal management, mental health, program planning, and evaluation. Seeks to consolidate all literature related to rehabilitation administration published since 1970.

Hard Copy - 409 p.

Digital Library - 915.091


Developmental Disabilities

StateData: The National Report of Employment Services and Outcomes 2008

Institute for Community Inclusion

This report provides statistics over a twenty-year period from several national data sets that address the status of employment and economic self-sufficiency for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD). A comprehensive overview that describes national trends in employment for people with ID/DD. Appendix provides individual state profiles with data from four sources: The Institute for Community Inclusion’s ID/DD agency National Survey of Day and Employment Outcomes FY 1988, 1990, 1993, 1996, 1999, 2001, 2004, and 2007, and data sets from the Social Security Administration, Vocational Rehabilitation, and the American Community Survey. 0Sheds light on the economic disparities that people with ID/DD have experienced over the past decade and beyond.

Hard Copy - 348 p.

Digital Library - P800.0001.01


Mental Illness

Research to Practice, Issue 47, December 2008

Comparison of VR Outcomes for Clients with mental Illness Across System Indicators

Institute for Community Inclusion

Data on employment outcomes for clients with mental illness. Includes seven tables: Successful VR closures with mental illness (MI) shown in Table 1 as a percentage of all VR closures and in Table 2 as a percentage with an employment plan in place; successful closures with schizophrenia shown in Table 3 as a percentage of all VR closures and in Table 4 as a percentage with an employment plan in place; successful VR closures (all disability categories) shown in Table 5 as a percentage of all VR closures and in Table 6 as a percentage with an Employment Plan in Place; and Table 7, Total number of individuals served in a Community Mental Health Program (CMHP), individuals in CMHPs who are employed, and the percentage of individuals served who are employed (2006).

Hard Copy - 12 p.

Digital Library - J003.0001.01



A Description and Analysis of the Federal and Selected State Policy Frameworks Regarding Order of Selection Under Title I of the Rehabilitation Act

Institute for Community Inclusion

This document describes the “order of selection” policy that state VR agencies must implement when it anticipates it will not have sufficient resources to serve all individuals eligible for vocational rehabilitation services. Part 1 includes background, description, and methodology of the order of selection provision as it exists in Title I of the Rehabilitation Act. Part II includes a description of the federal policy framework governing the order of selection provision. Part III includes a comprehensive description of the policy framework for each of the eight states included in the policy analysis. Part IV analyzes each of the key policy elements described in Part III. Under each key policy element, the applicable federal policy is described followed by a description of how the states address the element, including specific examples of state policies/approaches.

Hard Copy - 109 p.

Digital Library - E500.0001.01


Social Security Benefits

Going to Work: A Guide to Social Security Benefits and Employment for Young People with Disabilities

Institute for Community Inclusion

This guide gives a general overview of the rules for Social Security work incentives for Massachusetts in effect on the date this booklet was published. The amounts used in this guide are accurate for 2009. Provides basic information about Social Security disability and health benefit programs.

Hard Copy - 40 p.

Digital Library - G971.0001.01


Vocational Evaluation

Vocational Evaluation, 2nd Ed. (1986)

Walter Pruitt

One of the earliest textbooks on vocational evaluation. Examines state-of-the-art vocational evaluation (process and methods) and considers ways that the process could be improved.  Looks at historical development of vocational evaluation. Considers the practice of vocational evaluation as it occurs in a number of work settings.

Hard Copy - 151 p.

Digital Library - V715.0001.01


Women with Disabilities

Impact, Volume 21, Number 1, Summer/Fall 2008

Feature Issue on Employment and Women With Disabilities

Institute on Community Integration, University of Minnesota

Encourages readers to hold an expansive vision of what’s possible for women with disabilities in the employment arena. Examines why women with disabilities participate in the workforce in lower numbers than men with or women without disabilities, presents strategies to improve employment options/participation for women with disabilities, and shares the personal stories of women with disabilities who are succeeding in a variety of occupations.

Hard Copy - 36 p.

Digital Library - J004.0001.01



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