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A Budding Community of Practice:
We've finally gotten some feedback on the idea of an evidence-based practice in VR pedagogy. There is an article in the works and people are starting to engae in conversation. So I thought it would be good to get a little content on this page. Yes, it is a raggedy looking thing, but this is how these things start. I have put up an unpublished manuscript that I submitted to Rehab Ed some time ago. It was invited, accepted, reviewed, returned with revisions, and then rejected. Which was weird. I never did ask why. But as time has passed, it appears that this manuscript's time has actually come. I put it here as a topic for the forum. Why don't you give it a read and respond?

Millington, M. J., Miller, D. J., & McDaniel, R. (2003). The best distance for educating vocational rehabilitation practitioners: A grand experiment in search of a design. Unpublished manuscript.