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Business Leadership Network Workshop

Purpose: To develop a project that will serve the entire US Business Leaderhip Network (USBLN) in its mission to hire workers with disabilities. We have a small group of leaders already engaged and this is the place where we will coordinate our activities. There are several steps you need to take before we can begin.

First, you need to set up an account on the Clearinghouse (NCRTM) website. In the upper right hand corner of almost every page in this website, there is a button that asks you to log in. Click that button and follow the steps on the right hand side of the page. Remember your user name and password.

Second, make sure to log in when you come to this site. You must be logged in to participate in any interactive function. If you have problems logging in, make sure you are using the right user name and password, check your caps lock, etc. If you can't solve the problem, send me an email and I will fix it. 


BLN Forum

Now that we have a site, the first thing we set up is the forum. This is where we can hold a discussion and send documents to the group for use on this site. If you want to get forum messages from this site in your email, you must choose to join the forum. The forum is easy to use, I am guessing that you can figure it out for yourself. Note that you can attach a document to your post. That will come in handy.