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RSA Technical Assistance Seminar Series

Capital Building

The Rehabilitation Services Administration will be sponsoring a series of Technical Assistance webinars on a variety of topics, serving a variety of professional communities. This is the central site for engaging in these activities.

About Elluminate...

We have shifted to Elluminate as our webinar service. It is more accessible than our previous provider, but that accessibility requires some attendee preparation.

How to Prep Your Computer

You need to use the latest version of Java to attend the webinar. You can have your computer checked and find updates here:

Elluminate Live! Quick Reference Guide for Participants

Elluminate Participant Orientation Slides



IMPORTANT!! Let Elluminate update your JAVA software prior to your first webinar! Go to:

ALSO IMPORTANT!! When you enter the webinar event, be sure to accept the JAVA download.

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