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Accessibility in Moodle
Milley Johnson发表于2010年03月 17日 Wednesday 23:13
The vast majority of Moodle is technically accessible: blind and vision-impaired users can accomplish nearly all the tasks set before them. However, much work remains to prevent Moodle from being a frustrating experience for these users. Many details that make sense to sighted users, or are entirely ignorable, are stumbling blocks for users of screen reading or magnification software.

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Other choices than Moodle?
Wayne Magt发表于2010年06月8日 Tuesday 14:57
There are so many choices for CMS out there. I was wondering why not use something like Joomla where there are so many people writing different components? Moodle just is not in that league yet.

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Ease of use in Moodle
Amanda Brand发表于2010年03月 30日 Tuesday 09:00
Moodle is a great application that people can use to create effective learning material. There are many registered Moodle users, thanks to the fact that Moodle is technically accessible. In my opinion, Moodle can be used an understood by people of all ages. However, they may consider investing more into documentation in multiple languages.

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Moodle Accessibility Issues
Michael Millington发表于2009年10月 13日 Tuesday 15:23
This is where we can share our stories, issues, and solutions in regards to Moodle accessibility. This is a forum. You can start a new thread or reply to this one.


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