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Assessment & Evaluation: Early Intervention

The Kids Assistive Technology (

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Assessment & Evaluation: Education

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This series includes five resource booklets on Helping Students with Visual,

Learning, Mobility, and Hearing Impairments. Each booklet includes

definitions, potential student difficulties, possible modifications by the

teacher and learner, assistive technology that may be helpful, and a list of

organizations with more information. To view these fact sheets, click on the

links below.

Assessment & Evaluation: Employment

Assessment & Evaluation: Community Living and Aging



AT Mobility Training

AT Communication Training

VictorReader Stream
The VictorReader Stream (from Humanware) is a Daisy MP3 & NISO player that downloads and plays books, music, and e-text in stereo sound. It has a text to speech voice synthesizer, internal microphone, 15 hour battery, and a removable SD card.

Sachin Describes VictorReader Stream Commercial from Humanware Humanware Store

The BrailleNote line of personal computers (from Humanware) provides a variety of powerful interface options that facilitate access to every computer and on line function. Standard units come with streaming audio, card slots for SD, flash, and PCMCIA; USB ports for flash drives, printers, external hard drives, infrared; wireless internet and Bluetooth connectivity; and voice synthesizer.

Sachin Describes BrailleNote BrailleNote Tutorials (Buffalo, NY)
Humanware Store

KNFB Reader
The Kurzweil - National Federation of the Blind Mobile Reader represent the latest in portable communication technology for the blind. Embedded in a Nokia phone it provides reading and recognition modes for books, articles, labels, bills, memos, and money; synchronized text highlighting, text navigation, and speech output.
Sachin Describes KNFB Reader James Gashel, VP KNFB Reader
Kurzweil NFB Store

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AT Funding Training

AT Information Technology Training