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Release of Information Form
This form outlines how we intend to use the interview material we collect. The interviewee should download, read, and sign this form.

The National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials (NCRTM) is sponsoring an on-going collection of oral histories gathered as a celebration of the rehabilitation counseling professionals legacy to future generations of service providers, students, educators, researchers, advocates, and consumers. The oral histories and associated products are collected with the intent of public dissemination. The NCRTM recognizes the sensitive nature of sharing personal recollections in a public forum. The NCRTM recognizes the rights of all parties to be fully informed of how the information is to be used and their rights to influence the dissemination process. Thus, the interviewee should understand that:

(1) All oral history products developed under the aegis of the NCRTM belong in the public domain. The products will be available through the NCRTM website without restriction and actively disseminated to the rehabilitation counseling community. While there is no issue of copyright, we expect that appropriate citation be used when the product is referenced, quoted, or copied.

(2) The interviewee retains control over the content of their contributions. They can stop development of their oral histories at any time. They can have raw recordings destroyed. They have final say over what is published. They can remove their oral histories from the NCRTM website after the fact.

(3) The interviewee is responsible for the content of their oral histories recordings. As these are personal recollections, it is up to the interviewee to insure that what is communicated thorough the oral history is accurate, ethical, and legal.

(4) The NCRTM retains control over the website and reserves the right to refuse to publish any document without cause.

I have reviewed, understand, and will abide by the directives of this release of information form.