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Community of Practice Webpage

This is the text of an email that Linda Holloway sent to the group on 02/25/2007:

Good afternoon,

I trust that all of you had a safe trip back from San Antonio and have had a chance to reflect on our meeting. Those of you who were not able to make the list but that had asked to stay involved are included in the leader list. Treva, we missed you and hope that your ankle is healing.

I've attached a list with each of your names, organizations and email addresses. I made the changes to the list that each of you marked, but if there are still errors, please let me know.

Attached are the notes that Michael took at the meeting (thanks Mike!) for your review. There were 4 items that really stood out - facilitating the transfer of knowledge, recognition of the profession, loss of identity, and shared principles and philosophy. We agreed that we would work with the Clearinghouse to establish some type of community of practice where we could continue this dialogue. Additionally, Linda Winslow offered that NRA would try to see if they could coordinate a follow up meeting this Fall. I'm sure many of you have ideas about how to continue the discussion, so please feel free to chime in.

I've also attached the power point that Dr. Wenger sent me from his presentation. I think he did a great job getting the conversation started and I'm optimistic that we can keep it going. Thanks to each of you taking the time to attend.

Have a great week,


Leadership Forum

I have included a forum through the link below.

Transfer of Knowledge

To continue discussion and development of this theme

Recognition of the Profession

For the development of this theme.

Shared Identity, Principles, & Philosophy

At the last NCRE board meeting in San Antonio, the group puzzled once again on the core issue of organizational identity. The board decided to task an ad hoc committee to develop thoughts on the subject and to start a dialog that hopefully will settle this important issue once and for all. I have opened a forum for this purpose and made the first entry. I encourage the ad hoc committee, and anyone else for that matter to join in on the conversation. (You will need to log in to participate, and you must have an account with the NCRTM to log in...please sign up, it's not hard and it doesn't cost anything)