Nominations for Oral History Interviewees

1. To nominate an interviewee for the Oral History project, submit a new topic in this forum. Put the nominee's name in the subject line. In the body of the text, write a short rationale for this nomination. You must be registered on the NCRTM website and logged in for your nomination to be considered. If you haven't registered yet, now is a good time. (log in or register here)

2. To vote for a nominee, reply to the post that bears his/her name. Put some indication of your support in the subject line. If you wish, put additional rationale in the body of the message. You can vote for each nominee only once, but for as many nominees as you wish. Only positive votes will be counted. You must be registered with the NCRTN website and currently logged in to register a vote.

3. The nominees who present the most solid and supported case will be contacted by the Oral History site administrator. If the nominee is willing to participate, they will be added to the list and assigned an interviewer to initiate the process. You must be registered on the NCRTM website and complete the Oral History interviewer training to participate in the interview process.

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