FY 2010 State Plan Submission

Presenter 1: Carol Dobak,VR Unit Chief
Presenter 2: Ken Schellenberg, Technology Specialist
Presenter 3: Brian Miller, VR program Specialist
Date: January 22, 2009
Time: 2:00pm (EST)
Summary: The seminar will provide instruction to state VR agencies on entering FY 2010 State Plan updates for the basic support and supported employment grants into RSA's management information system (MIS). This training will introduce the new online State Plan submission process, review the submission requirements, demonstrate how to input State Plan updates into the MIS, and answer technical questions about the new online State Plan system. State agency personnel who participated in the beta-testing of the program will offer comments and suggestions to other agencies on how best to utilize the new online system. Individuals using screen access technologies will also be able to ask questions about entering State Plan materials into the RSA MIS.

To register: Go to http// Find the training session under "upcoming" listings. Click "Register". Supply required information and submit. You will receive a "pending" email immediately. An acceptance email will follow once your registration has been processed.

For accommodations: If you use a screen reader to access the internet, you will access the audio portion of the teleconference only. Prior to the start of the session, call toll free, 866 469 3239. You will be asked for the session number: 578 080 155, followed by the pound sign. You will then be entered into the teleconference. To ask a question or request to speak, email your question to ([email protected]).

Open captioning will be provided for this presentation.

If you need help with accommodations prior to the session please contact Michael Millington by email ([email protected]) or phone ([435] 797 3488) for accommodations. Please contact at least one day in advance.

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(note: thereĀ are 4 minutes of extraneous talk before the training begins)


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