TACE Program Needs Assessment and Workplan FY2010 and Beyond

Presenter 1: Jeremy Buzzell, Management and Program Analyst, Office of Policy and Planning
Date: March 17, 2009
Time: 2:00pm (EST)

Summary: This webinar will be a presentation of RSA's current plans for the TACE program needs assessment and workplan process and documentation for FY 2010 and future years. Participants will be invited to ask questions and make comments about the proposal.

To Register: Go to http// Find the training session under "upcoming" listings. Click "Register". Supply required information and submit. You will receive a "pending" email immediately. An acceptance email will follow once your registration has been processed. Keep this email! it has all of the information you need to join the session. NOTE: Registration will close 5 hours before the training starts.

Screen Reader Accommodations: (A) Access the phone teleconference rather than the webex site. To access the phone conference only: (1) call toll free number 1 (866) 469-3239; (2) provide session number (571 771 649) followed by the pound will be admitted into the teleconference.

(B) Prior to the session, download the screen reader-accessible "Slide Content" file from the link at the bottom of this page. Open the file on your computer and follow along with cues from presenter.

Closed Captioning Accommodation: (A) go to and enter the confirmation number: 1292880; (B) A caption box or window will open on your desk top; (C) resize the webex window and the caption window so both can be viewed at the same time; (D) use caption controls to set captioning to your preference.

If you need assistance, contact Michael Millington via email ([email protected]) or phone (432) 797-3488. Please contact at least one day in advance of the training.

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