Building and Assessing Graduate Courses: Unit I, modules 1-4
Self-Assessment of modules 1- 4
Unit 5
Self-assessment of modules 1-4
Building and Assessing Graduate Courses
The Nuts & Bolts of Teaching a Class
Developing a Sound Course: The syllabus
Developing a Teaching Philosophy: Applying your Philosophy in the Classroom
Self-assessment questions
Think of these questions as assessing your ability at an apprentice level. You are no longer a novice and moving toward becoming a master educator!
Self-assessment questions
Without reviewing the modules, write a few statements about the content you found beneficial and reflect with a learning partner on why you felt that material was beneficial.
If you are currently teaching, discuss content from the modules with your students. What are their reactions to you studying your teaching?
Self-assessment questions
Now go back and review the units.
What areas do you need to spend more time on?
Develop a plan with a learning partner to practice those areas.
Self-assessment questions
If you were creating this training material, what assessment procedure would you create to assess your learning?
Now complete your own assessment
Try and predict what the theme for the next unit is and sub-themes for the modules.

Unit II: Pedagogy & Assessment
When you believe you have a sound grasp on the material from unit I proceed to unit II: Pedagogy & Assessment
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