Building and Assessing Graduate Courses: Unit 2, modules 6-9
Self-Assessment of modules 6 – 9
Unit 10
Self-Assessment of modules 6 - 9
Mutual Engagement: Integrating Pedagogy into your courses
Mastery Learning: What is it and how does it work
Service Learning: What is it and how does it work
Ways to Assess Student Learning

Self-assessment questions
If you are completing these units and modules in order you are now 2/3 complete!
When answering these self-assessment questions you should be able to demonstrate analysis, synthesis, and should begin to evaluate content on how useful it is or will be for your courses.
Self-assessment questions
How are you making connections between this units on pedagogy?
What are the similarities and differences between models.
If you had to combine two approaches, what would it look like?

Self-assessment questions
If you had to create a new class on counseling theory or career development what assessment procedures would you use?
What knowledge and ability would a student demonstrate at a pre-novice, novice, and apprentice level for counseling theory and career development?

Self-assessment questions
How are you making sense of (all of the units you have completed) the material so far?
Now go back and review the units.
What areas do you need to spend more time on?
Develop a plan with a learning partner to practice those areas.

Self-assessment questions
If you were creating this training material, what pedagogical procedure(s) would you create to increase learning?
Try and predict what the theme for the next unit is and sub-themes for the modules.

Unit III: Dissemination
When you believe you have a sound grasp on the material from unit I & II proceed to unit III: Dissemination
This unit will examine documenting your work for publication and promotion and tenure.
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