Building and Assessing Graduate Courses: Unit III, modules 11-13
Self Assessment: Final Review Unit 14
Self-Assessment of modules 11 - 13
The Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL): Utilization of Action Research to enhance SoTL
Utilizing the Training Material: Employment & Promotion & Tenure
Writing for Publication & Research Design

Self-assessment introduction
The intent of unit III and modules 11-13 were to provide ongoing self-assessment of Units I and II. All of the material was meant to build on and enhance your teaching ability and equally important to enhance student understanding.
The following self assessment questions will serve as a final review and propose future considerations.
Self-assessment questions
How does researching your teaching “fit” with your institution’s idea of research?
If you are a new graduate, how will this training benefit you in obtaining employment?
Describe the benefits for disseminating your SoTL research.
How would you describe this training module to a colleague?
Future Considerations
Perhaps once a semester review your teaching philosophy and make adjustments based on your observations
Make conversations about teaching and learning common place at your institution
Seek out your institution’s center for teaching and learning
Continue to view your teaching as a research opportunity
Training Feedback
Any and all feedback you have regarding the training material is greatly appreciated.
Please send ay comments to:
[email protected]

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