Course Syllabus
EDS 262 - Seminar in Counseling: Job Placement

Course Title:

EDS 262 - Seminar in Counseling: Job Placement

Course Description:

Analysis and practice of job-seeking skills, employer information base, and job placement of persons with disabilities.

Course Restriction:

This course is restricted to classified graduate students in the Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling program.


Azrin, N.H. & Besalel, V.A. Job club counselor’s manual.
Handout materials.

Course Orientation:

This course is oriented to work skills assessment, job seeking skills training, and job development skills as used in job placement activities by the vocational rehabilitation counselor practitioner.

Course Context Areas:

I. Professional Considerations

Historical Aspects
Current Trends
Legal Issues
Professional Ethics

II. Work Skills Assessment

Life Experiences
Educational Experiences
Vocational Experiences

III. Job Seeking Skills Training


IV. Interviewing

Market Analysis
Employer Contact

Course Outcomes:

The practitioner-student should be able to demonstrate the following:

Knowledge Variables — Knowledge of:

1. Occupational classifications within businesses and industries.

2. Reading materials pertinent to the evaluation of labor market trends.

3. Materials available to analyze specific jobs and transferable jobs.

Intrapersonal Variables — Awareness of:

1. Self relative to work assessment, job seeking skills training, and job development activities.

2. Articulation with consumers and the business community.

3. Support systems needed by self in work assessment, job seeking skills, and job development activities.

Skills Variables — Ability to:

1. Procure information from the community on the existence of businesses and industries.

2. Identify and contact employers to actively develop and/or identify job opportunities for consumers.

3. Evaluate job activities through the use of task analysis inventories and job analysis schedules.

4. Provide educational and/or training of prospective employers about various disabilities and any vocational implications, the use of assistive devices, job accommodation and facility services.

5. Assist employers to identify, modify and/or eliminate architectural, procedural and/or attitudinal barriers to the employment and advancement of persons with disabilities.

6. Review vocational, physical, social, and other related data to determine consumer job readiness.

7. Teach appropriate job seeking and retention skills.

8. Conduct individual and group counseling to facilitate work adjustment.


You will be assuming the role of a consumer, technician and counselor during three separate audio taping sessions throughout the semester. You are to listen to each tape after the session and submit a write-up of that session describing what happened during the session and an evaluation of the session incorporating the principles of job placement we have studied in the course. Each write-up will be evaluated and returned. You are expected to correct any deficiencies and respond to any comments made by the instructor. Once these responses are completed a grade of credit will be given for that assignment.

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