Course Syllabus
EDS 264 – Work Evaluation

Course Title:

EDS 264 - Work Evaluation

Course Description:

Study of the work evaluation process and the modalities utilized with emphasis on the use of the work evaluation in the rehabilitation process.

Course Restriction:

This course is restricted to vocational rehabilitation counseling program students.


Extensive handout materials

Course Orientation

This course is oriented to the methods used in obtaining vocationally relevant self-reported, measured, or demonstrated consumer information that will impact on the consumer’s vocational rehabilitation process and employability.

Course Context Areas

I. Professional Considerations

Historical Aspects
Current Trends
Legal Issues
Professional Ethics

II. Data Base

Self-Report (consumer)
Demonstrated (work history)
Measured (medical and V.E. reports)

III. Labor Market Identification

Geographic Location
Lifestyle Influences
Transportation Issues

IV. Work Skills Assessment

Life Experiences
Educational Experiences vocational Experiences

V. Vocational Evaluation

Work Habits
Work Skills

VI. V.E. Methods

Psychometrics Work Samples
Situational Assessment

VII. Reconciliation

Data analysis to identify consumer’s potential to benefit form services and employability.

Course Outcomes:
The practitioner-student should be able to demonstrate the following:

Knowledge Variables - Knowledge of:

1. Vocationally-relevant medical, social, educational, work history, and attitudinal information.

2. Various vocational methods.

3. Available vocational evaluation instruments including computerized systems.
Skills Variables — Ability to:

1. Analyze medical data.

2. Correctly identify retained skills.

3. Write an accurate medical file review report, an initial contact report, a vocational evaluation referral letter, a reconciliation report, a transferability of skills report, and a feasibility statement.


You will be submitting six written exercises at various stages of the vocational evaluation process. These reports are to be based on the material covered in the course. These six assignments will include:

1. File Review
2. Initial Contact Report
3. Sample Referral Letter
4. Sample Evaluation Report
5. Reconciliation between Referral Letter, V.E. Report and Counselor Expectations
6. Transferable Skills Analysis

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