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DATE        TOPICS                      CLASS #              ASSIGNMENT DUE
9/12      Introduction
          The Helping Process            1                      No Assignment Due
9/19      The Counseling Relationship
            Orienting                    2                      Assignment #1
9/26      Observation and Hypothesis      3                      Assignment #2
10/03      Requesting Information          4                      Assignment # 3
10/10      No Class/ Tuesday Schedule      5                      No Assignment Due
10/17      Demonstrating Understanding    6                      Assignment # 4
10/24      Demonstrating Understanding    7                      Assignment # 5
10/31      Individual Meetings            8                      Assignment # 6
11/07      Internships/Using Supervision  9                      Assignment # 7
11/14      Videotape Presentations        10                      Assignment # 8
11/21      Personalizing                  11                      Assignment # 9
11/28      Counseling Theories            12                      Assignment # 10
12/05      Last Class                      13                      Assignment # 11
12/12      Final Meetings                  14                      No Assignment Due

NOTE: Please plan your end-of-semester travel with this in mind! All work must be completed and turned in, together with supervisor evaluation, by December 8, 2006 to get a final grade for Semester 1 during end of semester meeting.
The clinical class meets 3 hours a week, both semesters, on Tuesdays 3:30-6:30 PM. There is 15-minute break halfway through the class. Attendance and participation are required, and punctuality is expected, because being late is a distraction and an inconvenience to those who are not.
course goals
There are three areas of emphasis for the clinical class. These are the development of 1) skills in counseling and rehabilitation, 2) ) awareness of the professional issues that affect the rehabilitation counselor, and 3) personal growth and self-understanding, both necessary for effective helpers. Self-awareness in relation to helping is essential for becoming an effective counselor.
grading & assignments
Course grades are based equally on class participation, satisfactory completion of all assignments, and internship supervisor evaluations. While points are not deducted for late assignments, promptness will be considered when evaluating your ability to take responsibility as a rehabilitation professional. Assignments turned in on time will be returned promptly. Late assignments will be graded at the convenience of the instructor, with no promise made as to timely return.
Class participation ratings consider in-class behavior, attentiveness and responsiveness to classmates, taking responsibility for own learning, completing assignments on time to be prepared for class discussions, bringing internship issues for class discussions, willingness to participate in practices, and responses to questions posed by the instructor. Attendance in every class is obviously a requirement, since you cannot participate if you are not there. Grading is done by letter (see Boston University grading system) or using a five-point scale, which is then translated to letters.
The assignments address each of the three areas of emphasis. The assignments are designed to address each of the three areas of emphasis. Counseling and rehabilitation skills will be developed through interpersonal skills assignments in the required workbooks, and through audiotaping and videotaping assignments. Professional issues are presented through readings and brief written assignments. Personal growth and self-understanding are enhanced by the student journal and various activities designed to promote self-exploration. The development of your personal identity as a rehabilitation professional will also be a focus of the class.
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