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Achievement Testing

Achievement tests are used for a variety of different reasons. They can be used for teachers who are trying to get feedback on how their students are doing in school. They also serve several other purposes such as: diagnosing strengths and weaknesses of individuals, assessing a person's level of competence, deciding on whether a person can be promoted or certified, or advancing placement for college credit. Basically, achievement tests measure what an individual should already know.

There are different types of achievement tests. The most common type is a standardized test developed to measure the skills and knowledge learned in a given grade level. There are four different types of standardized tests. These include: survey test batteries, single subject survey tests, diagnostic tests, and prognostic tests. Survey test batteries deal with group performance, single subject survey tests cover only one subject in the test, diagnostic tests identifies strengths and weaknesses within a subject area by subdividing the subject area into its underlying components, and prognostic tests predict achievement in specific school subjects. The criteria for the tests come from different subject areas in school such as: math, english, history, and science. They all try to figure out whether a student (individual) is learning what they should be and whether or not they are ready to move further with their education or career.


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