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    Academic Community of Practice

    This Community of Practice serves RSA Long Term Training Grantees, primarily graduate and undergraduate programs that train rehabilitation counselors. The purpose is to provide a forum where teachers, students, and researchers can discuss issues of common concern and develop projects that transcend program boundaries to (a) advance the knowledge base, (b) improve pedagogy, (c) build partnership, (d) advocate a professional identity, and (e) increase the quality of program outputs and outcomes nationwide.

    White Paper Forum:  The Role of RSA Grantees in thre Knowledge Translation Process

    For general discussion, I have posted two documents addressing different aspects of the role of RSA grantees in the knowledge translation process.  The first provides an outline of the model that underlies the NCRTM approach.  The second provides an indepth analysis of the mechanics of the NCRTM itself.  These are posted here as fodder for discussion.  You are invited to read and comment.

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    Sustainable Training

    The National Clearinghouse of Rehabilitation Training Materials proposes a way to maximize the efficient and effective collection and dissemination of grant products, as required by RSA.  This webinar is presneted as an introduction to an ongoing dialog about how the NCRTM may best serve all grantees.  We encourage you to respond to this webinar in the page forum.

    Sustainable Training Webinar Recording

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    Josh Southwick Student Project

    Josh reprises his recent presentation at the Intermountain Graduate Student Research Symposium.  Check out his work and engage him with questions!

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