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    Preparing Materials


    Maximize contrast: Light letters on a dark background are often more readable than dark letters on a light background, but black on white is still good.

    Font style: Use plain, clean typeface. Avoid decorative fonts and serifs.

    Letter spacing: Use mono-spaced fonts rather than proportional spaced fonts. Wider spacing is better than narrow..

    Line Spacing: At least 20 to 30 percent of the text point size. Set spacing at 1.5 works well.

    Numbers: Some numbers are easily misread. Use a clean typeface and consider writing the numerical word where feasible.

    Point Size: Large is better 16 to 22 is the best range.

    Special Text Formatting: Keep it simple. Limit use of italics, All caps, etc.

    Color: Avoid colored text where possible, consider the effect on contrast.

    Type weight: Use Bold or Semi-Bold text when possible. Do not use light type weights.


    Text: Follow guidelines listed above plus...(1) Use words sparingly as in an outline, (2) use bullet points and limit the number of points on each slide.

    Format: Use simply styles and backgrounds.

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