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    NCRTM Advisory Board

    Welcome to the NCRTM Advisory Board Page. The NCRTM advisory board has two tasks in the coming year:

    • Provide input on NCRTM efforts to efficiently and effectively acquire training materials from grantees:
    • Support the director’s initiative to implement IACET standards for all service and product delivery. The Advisory board will meet 4 times per year, formally, to review progress and make suggestions. There will be task expectations of each member (beyond the meeting), maximum of 2 hours task time obligation per year.

    The Board will be kept abreast of other developing initiatives and encouraged to contribute to the cause as they see fit. We will launch and archive our meetings from this location.

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    Advisory Board Meetings

    09/30/2011 Advisory Board Meeting

    Welcome and Orientation: In this first meeting, the director will present a 20 minute orientation on the NCRTM, the board's role, current NCRTM goals, and RSA-directed expansions upon our scope of work.

    Agenda & Report Slides Recording

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Advisory Board Members

William Crimando (SIU)

Larry Dale (LABLN)

Charlene Dwyer (WI DVR)

Madan Kundu (SUBR)

Jeanne MIller (TACE)

Scott Sabela (TACE)

Beth Smith (CSAVR)

Michael Short (Auricast)